4-14 ET Line-Boring Machine
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Easy as 1, 2, 3
Pick a Feed System
Choose a Bar Drive
Choose a Bar Package
1. Feed Systems
4-14 ET Full Function Feed Carriage

14″ (358mm) cutting tool travel
Feed Speeds of 0-2.5 inches per minute (64mm/min)
Feed Torque 200 inch lbs (22.6Nm)
Rapid Travers: 27 inches per min (690mm/min)
Weight: 55 lbs (25kg)
Adjustable limit stops
Comes with custom carrying case
110/240v 50/60hz

Part Number:
4-14 Manual Feed14″ (358mm) Cutting tool travel
Manual feed by using hand wheel or ratchet
Weight: 43 lbs (19.5kg)
Comes with custom aluminum carrying case
Upgradeable to a full function machine

Part Number: 414-901

2. Choose from 2 Electric bar drives or for extra torque our Hydraulic bar drive
Fein 4 Speed Electric Bar Drive 110v—9.6 amps
1.2 hp 35 ft lbs torque (47.5Nm)
110 or 240 v 50/60 HZ
4 bar speeds, 100/150/260/420 RPM
Reversible drive
Weighs 22 lbs (10kg)

Part Number: 414-001-110V60Hz

Part Number: 414-001-230V50Hz

Part Number: 414-001-230V60Hz

Eibenstock, Variable 2 Speed Bar Drive

110 or 240v 50/60 HZ
Power input 1800w
Two speed variable 30-75 & 95-230 RPM
Reversible Drive
15 lbs (6.5 kg)
Modified to fit 4-14 ET carriage Part Number: 414-095-110V

Part Number: 414-095-230V50Hz

Hydraulic Bar Drive and Power Supply Three Phase 220-480v single or three phase 50/60hz
5hp, 168ft lbs torque (227 Nm)
Reversible hydrostatic drive
Variable bar drive 40-140 or 60-180
On/Off bypass valve on bar drive motor
9 (40.3Lt) gallon fluid tank
drive weight 26 lbs (12kg)
Power supply weight 275 lbs (170kg)

Available Units:
190 Volt, 50 Hz Part# HPU-05-319050

220~240 Volt, 50Hz Part# HPU-05-322050

380 Volt, 50 Hz Part# HPU-05-338050

440~460 Volt, 50 Hz Part# HPU-05-344050

230 Volt, 60 Hz Part# HPU-05-323060

440~460 Volt, 60 Hz Part# HPU-05-346060

575 Volt, 60 Hz Part# HPU-05-357560

Hydraulic Bar Drive and Power Supply
Single Phase

220~240 Volt, 60Hz Part# HPU-05-123060

220~240 Volt, 50Hz Part# HPU-05-123050

3. Choose from our suggested Bar Packages
A) Premium Plus Package: 1.5 to 16”(38 to 406mm)
Compete 5 bar package that covers the entire operating range of the 4-14. This is a very dynamic package designed for those who work on a wide range of large and small bores.
B) Premium Package: 1.5 to 10″ (38 to 254mm)
Complete 5 bar package that is designed for those in the heavy equipment industry that work on bores up to 10 inches, this kit can easily upgraded at any time to 16″ (406mm) diameters.
C) Standard Package: 2.5 to 6” (63.5 to 152mm)
3 bar package using our 2” (52mm) boring bars. Small bars can be added at any time if required.
D) Combo Package: 1.5 to 6″ (38 to 152mm)
Kit is designed to meet the needs of most equipment owners. This kit is upgradeable by adding components as needed.
E) Small Bore Package: 1.5 to 3″ (38 to 76mm)
2 bar package is designed for our 1 1/4” (32mm) bars for small diameters, we have an upgrade kit that can be added to reach 5” (127mm) using our 1 1/4”(32mm) bars.
Custom packaging is also available. All our bars can be supplied with either imperial or metric tool ports. Optional chrome plating is also available.

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