Easy Weld Model 6-12
Product Description / Description du produit



Introducing the first entry level bore welder with an adjustable step feature that allows you to control the weld bead placement. Other machines use a spiral feed which forces the operator to modify the welding parameters to suit the limitations of the bore welder. The York Easy Weld allows you to adjust the bore welder to suit the parameters that best suit the application. The York Easy Weld can be used with any wire feeder that has burnback control. It has a simple remote control that adjusts the torch rotation speed and turns the wire feeder on and off. The Easy Weld can weld in any position and mounts to the same set up plate that supports the boring bar.

Easy Weld Systems Model 6-12
1.5–12″ (38–305mm)
Standard operating range: 1.5-12” (38-305mm)
Weld stroke: 6” (203mm)
Standard maximum current: 200 amps
Standard wire size: .035-.045 (.76-1.13mm)
Adjustable step size
Rotation: clockwise
Weight: 12lbs

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