Bake-Klean Ovens
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The BK ovens include three basic parts: a primary baking chamber, a secondary integral afterburner chamber and temperature controls (pyrometer) for the two burners.  Parts to be cleaned are loaded on the cart and the timer is set.  With primary temperature set between 600-700-degrees F, the secondary afterburner chamber activates at 350-degrees F and quickly rises to 1400-degrees F to completely oxidize vapor/smoke before exhausting through the triple or double wall vent stack.  The primary chamber burner cycles on and off during the baking process to automatically maintain the optimum Bake-Klean temperature.  The ovens use a water mist system for over-temperature control.  High temperature gloves and lifting hooks are provided to unload the oven.  Bake-Klean parts can be easily stripped of ash by glass beading, airless shot blasting or washing depending on the rebuilder’s preference and production volume.

• Thick, durable refractory bricks form the sturdy oven floor
• Energy efficient, large output burners reduce cleaning cycle times
• Electrical panel features large digital temperature readout and simplified temperature/timing controls
• Latest “state-of-the-art” insulation systems for maximum heat retention and energy conservation to increase your shop’s profit.

Standard Equipment:
• Afterburner
• (3) 42” sections of double-wall stack (BK 17A only)
• Over temperature spray system
• High temperature gloves
• (2) Lifting hooks

Optional Equipment:
• Parts basket (24” x 24” x 8”)
• Side racks
• Vent stack and accessories
• Stack thermocouple
• BK Wagon

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